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Managed Safety Services is the practice of transferring day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategic method for improving efficient operations inclusive of Production Support and lifecycle of company activities. We have direct oversight of the organization, system or projects being managed on site and through a periodic inspection program.


We accept and provide the managed service as required in order to ensure that the service delivery is a total quality product and meets the objectives of our client. This services portfolio is specifically tailored to ensure that your organization or project meets an overall standard based on world best practices in the following areas:


• Health and Safety

• Environmental Practices

• Security

• Quality Control

• Human Resources


Each of the above sections is a managed stand alone portfolio and meets international standards. These can be implemented as a consultative service or as part of an integrated holistic project team.


For a comprehensive outline of these services, please request a profile on the service delivery you require


It is not enough to just fill out a few documents and hope that safety will take care of itself.  Tracking of safety performance and making sure the checks and balances are in place are of the utmost importance to ensure that the persons appointed to maintain the HSE plans are held accountable in order to protect the employer and employees. Methodologies, tools and reports for performance tracking will be developed and implemented to give you the optimal process that is tailored for your industry. MB Holdings Have our own Statistical tracing system and data analysis programme that is available to our clients at the click of a button. Online Intelligence System is an online Statistics and Incident Tracking system that we offer to our clients at no extra charge.




Hazard and Risk Management has become increasingly more prominent as high-profile industrial accidents continue to receive mass media attention. A comprehensive Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment system will be developed and put in place in order for you to be able minimize the risk of accident where losses occur. These could be injuries, loss of property or reduced public image. This comprises of a five-fold process which includes defining jobs and processes, identifying hazards that can potentially cause harm, assessing the risks associated to these hazards, risk control methodologies and monitoring processes for which risks should be reviewed.



Safety Mentorship program